Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Mr. Destiny | 김종욱 찾기 [ Movie Review ] ★★★

The Pitch

Fans of Korean popular TV drama "Coffee Prince" will be anticipating this movie as this will be Gong Yoo's first movie after his two years military service. Fans of Woochi and I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK would probably want to catch this movie for actress Im Soo-Jung's involvement.

The Plot

Despite coming to the end of marriageable age, musical stage manager Seo Ji-Woo (Im Soo-Jung) just turned down a wedding proposal from a pilot. It was because she couldn't forget her first love Kim Jong-Ok. They met during a trip to India ten years ago and lost contact with each other during their respective flight back to Korea. 

Meanwhile, Han Gi-Joon (Gong Yoo) just got fired from his job as a travel agent. He decided to bunk in with his brother in law workplace and start a new business venture in assisting people in finding their first love.

Seo Ji-Woo's dad became worried as his daughter ain't getting any younger. He came across Han Gi-Joon's business flyer and forced Seo Ji-Woo to hire Gi-Joon's service so that she could get over her first love. After some initial unwillingness on Ji-Woo's part, Gi-Joon managed to convince her to travel all over Korea to find Kim Jong-Ok. It's not an easy teamwork as both of them couldn't stand each other quirks.

But like all typical romance movies, the unlikely couple will find something special in each other during the journey. The real question is, what would happened at the end of the search for Kim Jong-Ok? Will there be a happy ending for our protagonists? or someone gotto let go of the new blossoming romance?

The Perspective

Initially Finding Mr. Destiny was all over the place. Switching over from India to Korea and back, intersecting with the introduction of Han Gi-Joon and Seo Ji-Woo, it became a little difficult to follow, specially for one who are not familiar with Korean stars like Im Soo-Jung and Gong Yoo. It was patchy and disorienting for a while before one could settle down the various character's motivation and hurdles that they need to get through.

The movie also had an excessive amount of supporting characters and subplots that did very little to enrich the budding romance between the unlikely couple. Parts like the older performer with diva problem and a pop star who is constantly late. There's even a musical performance to showcase Im Soo-Jung's talent which felt like an extra padding to the movie. I am aware that this movie is based on a successful musical in Korea but it just felt out of place here.

Otherwise, there are some nice comedic touches in Finding Mr. Destiny and overall entertaining. The chemistry between Im Soo-Jung and Gong Yoo was adequate to sell their blossoming romance to the audience. It could have gone through better structuring and trimming of those unnecessary characters and subplots. I got a feeling that the target audience here would be the Fans of Korean romance drama and judging from the crowd reaction, I got a feeling that Finding Mr. Destiny had achieve their objective.
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