Sunday, June 5, 2011

ScreenSingapore In Conversation with Jon Landau and Yu Dong

Defining a Business Case for 3-D Film in Asia
Left to Right: Moderator, John Landau and Yu Dong
John Landau and Yu Dong were in town to kick start the In Conversation series for ScreenSingapore. The discussion for this morning would be on the prospect for 3-D Films in Asia. John Landau is renown for his collaboration with James Cameron in making Avatar and Titanic and needless to say, Avatar had already set the bar for the new phase of 3-D movies. Yu Dong on the other hand, is currently producing Tsui Hark's Flying Swords of Dragon Inn which is going to be the first Asian Wuxia film in 3-D.

Here are Some of the Key Points that John Landau and Yu Dong had pointed in this Discussion
  • John Landau felt that 3D is the natural progression for movies. Like how sound replaced silent films and how colour replaced black and white movies, 3D will be the new standard in watching movies and would replace all 2D movies in a natural progression.
  • John Landau mentioned that the next two Avatar movies will be shot at a higher frame rate. He also pointed out that it's important to "control" where the viewers are focusing while watching 3D movies. While Yu Dong felt that not all movies (such as romance) require to be filmed in 3D, John Landau disagreed by saying that 3D could help with the immersion experience.
  • Yu Dong felt that in Asia, beside making 3D action movies, the Asian region is rich with Classic folktales that would benefit from 3D. He also pointed out that there will be a Journey to the West / Monkey King 3D movie coming out next year.
  • Yu Dong had pointed out that in recent years, there's been an explosion of multiplex in China and the biggest auditoriums are fitted for 3D movies. Initially, they were considering whether to film Flying Swords of Dragon Inn in 3D or not but eventually, they realized that in order to protect their market share, they had to film the movie in 3D so that they could have it screen in the largest hall.
  • Yu Dong also pointed out that in China, they have all the latest equipments but lacks qualified personals to operate them. They would have to continue to work closely with the American counterpart in developing the right 3D movies. John Landau extended an invitation to Yu Dong to visit his studio / workshop in USA so that they could further exchange ideas on 3D movie making.

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